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Alexandria Legends Basketball League Rules

  1. High School Rules – Legends Alexandria follows standard high school basketball rules, with certain exceptions including:
    1. Six Fouls are allowed per player in games
    2. The ball can be advanced to half court for time-outs in the last minute of regulation, and in the last minute of overtimes.
  2. Overtime Rules (Regular Season) - If the game is tied after regulation time, a 3-minute overtime will be used to break the tie.  If tied after one overtime, a 2-minute overtime is used.  If still tied after two overtimes, a 1-minute overtime is used.  If still tied after 3 overtimes, the "Golden Basket" rule will apply.  The first team to score a point or basket in the fourth overtime is the winner.
  3. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Rough play or intentional hard or flagrant fouls is forbidden. Player conduct deemed unsportsmanlike, malicious, or overly aggressive by one or more referees will result in a technical foul and a warning, or an ejection depending on severity (See Ejection Rule).  The commissioner may also ban any player from the league if that player's on or off-court actions are deemed inappropriate, unsportsmanlike, or threatens the concept of camaraderie of the league. 
  4. Abusive Behavior - In addition to potential suspensions for abusive behavior, any excessive verbal abuse or any flagrant or unwanted contact with officials may result in an immediate forfeiture of the game for that individual player's conduct.
  5. Technical Fouls - 3 or more Technical Fouls in a season will result in a one-game minimum suspension, at the recommendation of the referees and discretion of the Commissioner. 
  6. Ejection Rule – An ejection will result in a one-game suspension at the recommendation of the referees and discretion of the Commissioner.  The suspension will be the next game (playoff or not).  Two ejections in a single season will warrant removal of that player for the remainder of the season with no refund.
  7. Substitution Rule Eligibility - Substitutes must be members of Legends Teams.  Non-Legends players cannot play in any Legends game. 
  8. Substitution Rule (Regular Season) - During the regular season there are no substitutions allowed if a 5-person roster is available. Teams who have less than 5 players may borrow players from the opposing team or a same-division team to get to 5 players.  If a 5-man team wishes to add one or more subs, or a player from a higher division, the opposing coach must agree.  In general, a player from a higher division should only be added to get to 5 players and no more.  If the opposing team has agreed to play the game, then the game will count towards regular season standings (unless both teams agree to not count the game and play essentially a scrimmage).  
  9. Substitution Rule (Playoffs) - For the playoffs, no substitutions are allowed if five players from the team are available. If less than five players are available, the opposing coach MUST approve any subs, and will not be penalized for not agreeing to subs.  In general, the order of subs should be "regular" players from same division, elite players from same division, regular players from a higher division. 
  10. Playoff Eligibility Rule: To be eligible for the playoffs, players must have played at least TWO regular season games. 
  11. Roster Addition Rule – Rosters should be provided prior to or by the first game of the regular season.  Additional players can be added to team rosters during the regular season with the League Commissioner’s approval.  To be eligible for the playoffs, added players must have played at least 2 regular season games. 
  12. Forfeit Rule (Regular Season) – During the regular season a team forfeits if it has less than 4 players to start (unless subs are available and agreed to as per substitution rule).  A 5 minute grace period will be allowed.
  13. Forfeit Rule (Playoffs) – During playoffs a team forfeits if it has less than 4 players to start.  A 5 minute grace period will be allowed. Substitutes are not allowed for playoffs.
  14. Forfeit Rule (Team) – If a team fails to show up for a game without notifying the league at least one day in advance, that team may not be scheduled for future games, at the discretion of league management.       
  15. Game Clock Rule - The game clock stops on all whistles for the last two minutes of each half and overtime periods.
  16. Mercy/Sportsmanship Rule - If a team is winning by 20 points, the clock will become a running clock, and no back-court pressing is allowed by the winning team.
  17. Dunking Rule – Dunking is only allowed in high school gyms where they have break-away rims.  Hanging on the rim is not allowed.  If a dunk is attempted in a non-high school gym, a technical foul will immediately be called, and the basket voided.  If anything is damaged, the cost will be charged to the player.
  18. Equipment Rule - All players must wear non-marking basketball sneakers.
  19. Timeouts Rule - Two time-outs per half are allowed.  Timeouts are not carried over from the first half to the second half.  Timeouts are carried over from the second half to overtime, and from overtime to overtime.  
  20. Uniform Rule - All players must play with the official Legends Basketball League uniform, unless the entire team brings their own uniforms (must be league-approved before the season starts).  During PRE-FINALS games only, a technical foul will be assessed for every player not in full Legends uniform.  For FINALS, players will not be allowed to play. 


Updated 07/24/2022